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Organizational Communication

It also aims to promote harmony in the workplace through effective organizational communication. Gender Differences in Communication as Molded by Socialization. Men and women are known to be wired differently in many aspects but also in terms of communication. Such gender differences are solidified in their lifetime as they are treated differently from birth. Rasquinha & Mouly (2005) contend that from the time they are born, baby girls are considered fragile and they are exposed to delicate language and handled very gently. Boys, on the other hand, are exposed to strong tones and power-filled language and are handled less gently as they are tossed in the air and held upright from a younger age to demonstrate their power and strength. ...
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Gender Differences in Communication and Gender Inequality in the Workplace From traditional values and gender-specific roles, the new millennium has witnessed the evolution of women in their quest for their place equal to men. Numerous studies have shown how women, previously viewed as feeble in their performance in jobs traditionally reserved for men, have empowered themselves to prove that they are as capable, if not more, than their male counterparts…
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