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A in Support of the Progressive Creationism Theory

This particular theory is neither purely scientific or atheistic such as the atheistic evolution theory, nor purely biblical like the theistic evolution or 24-hour day theory. It aims to mediate these two frames of thought by explaining creation in a way that addresses the concerns of both though patterns. According to Dale Tooley in his paper, “Progressive Creation: An Overview”, the progressive creationism theory is increasingly becoming accepted as a viable and arguable theory for the creation and origin of the world. In contrast to young earth creation theories, it maintains that the 6 days of creation written in the bible do not necessarily refer to 24-hour days, but instead refer to “ages”. This gives way to hard scientific evidence regarding the earth's age. Some may discard this theory due to some wordings in the bible that refer to actual days, however, we must keep in mind that we cannot compare God's day with our own. As Christians recognize that God's knowledge is infinite and encompasses and eclipses our own, we cannot compare his understanding to ours. This is supported by the bible in the book of Mathew, 24:36. ...
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Name of of professor Name of subject Date submitted A paper in support of the Progressive creationism theory. Through out time, man as searched of his own origin, and often made theories and rationalizations regarding how we got here. Some of these arguments were far-fetched, while others had solid points with matching evidences and literature to support them…
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