Pros and Cons of Religious Discrimination in the Workplace

Pros and Cons of Religious Discrimination in the Workplace Research Paper example
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Name Class Instructor Date Pros and Cons of Religious Discrimination in the Workplace Discrimination in any form is illegal. That includes discrimination against religion. An employee must be allowed to practice his or her religion within reason otherwise it would become a ground for discrimination.


Despite the unlawfulness of religious discrimination, it still however exists even in the United States. The number of complaints againt religious discrimination is even on the rise. The agency tasked to oversee labor practices in the United States, Equal Employment Opportunity Commission reported that religious discrimination in the workplace settings have more than doubled “from a little over a decade ago, resulting in roughly $10 million in settlements. Last year, nearly 3,800 were filed” (Pledger). Despite the startling figure on how much it costs for companies to continue their discriminatory practices against religion, its end cannot yet be seen in the near future. Much of this discrimination cases against religion were against the Muslims (Greenhouse). The disadvantage of religious discrimination is not only in the cost associated with settlements when a case is filed against the company. The biggest cost that is incurred against the company in this discriminatory story is the one that cannot be easily counted which is lost productivity due to the dampened morale of employee or employees because of discriminatory practice. ...
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