The Personality of the Holy Spirit

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LIBERTY UNIVERSITY THE PERSONALITY OF THE HOLY SPIRIT a paper sUBMITTED TO dr. MICHAEL VLACH OF THE lIBERTY tHEOLOGICAL sEMINARY iN PARTIAL FULFILMENT oF THE REQUIREMENTS THEO530 spring semester lIBERTY Baptist THEOLOGICAL SEMINARY BY MELODY F. MOSHKOWSKI LYNCHBURG, VA APRIL 22, 2012 Thesis Statement: The Bible affirms the Holy Spirit as a fully divine, volitional and personal being whose works and attributes bear witness to the same.


The Holy Spirit has a Will   B. The Holy Spirit has a Mind C. The Holy Spirit has Emotions    IV. The Holy Spirits Work in the Individual Believer (3 pages)    A. The Holy Spirit’s Work at Creation (ruah) B. The Holy Spirit’s Work at Salvation (Regeneration)   B. The Holy Spirit as parakletos    V. The Holy Spirit and the Church (3 pages)   A. Power to Witness   B. Agent of Unity    VI. Conclusion: (1 page) INTRODUCTION “An understanding of the ministry of the Holy Spirit is basic to Christian living…who He is, is foundational to what He does, and a knowledge of both His person and work is basic to Christian devotion and living.”1 It is not surprising therefore that the subject of the personality of the Holy Spirit remains one of the most controversial issues in Christian academic circles. The topic comes with varying views and opinions on who the Holy Spirit is and what the Holy Spirit stands for. Right from the beginning of reading scriptures, the Christian is given an idea about the fact that the Holy Spirit is very instrumental in the personality of humankind2. For instance in the book of Genesis, the presence of a third person, whom most scholars argue to be the Holy Spirit is consulted when God says “let us make man in Our image”. ...
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