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The early church period encompassed not only the birth and death of Jesus, but the historical beginnings and expansion of Christianity throughout the Roman Empire. This was a time when the Christian faith and the Kingdom of God were in question and disbelieved by many Jews. According to Shelley (2013, p.5) “The Jews, who represented only half the population, despised their foreign overlords and deeply resented the signs of pagan culture in the accent homeland. The Romans were not just another in a long series of alien conquerors. They were representatives of a hated way of life. Their imperial reign brought to Palestine the Hellenistic (Greek) culture that the Syrians had tried to impose forcibly on the Jews over a century before”.
It was evident that change was forthcoming and was imperative in the reduction of resentment, anger and hostility felt by many. It was during the first forty years of the early church period when Jesus and his apostles embarked on a journey to disseminate and distribute the word of God and the practice of Christianity. During this period of time Jesus not only conveyed God’s unending love and eternal life to those who believed, but most importantly he strived to achieve the trust and acceptance of the non-believers. He inspired and encouraged those, not only through his doctrine and sermons, but most notably by his own faithfulness, commitment and devotion. Ultimately his death and resurrection were the essential components supporting the Christianity movement and the word of God. The writings of two authors during this historical and instrumental time period will be explored and a synopsis of such will be examined.
During the early time period there was born a Jewish man by the name of Joseph, and he was known to have a close association with the early Christians. Joseph was active and steadfast in his convictions in his Christian beliefs, and preached throughout Antioch, Alexandria and Rome. Eventually ...Show more


Below section considers the early church period, imperial church, Christian middle ages, reformation modern period ages of progress periods…
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Religion/Theology essay example
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