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The research paper is a report of the findings of a phenomenological study that explored the experience of living with a pressure ulcer. The study was a pilot study to test the feasibility of undertaking a wider European study. It was undertaken in four centers in two European countries and was funded by the European Pressure Ulcer Advisory Panel (EPUAP).


The authors of the research came up with the title "Patient stories of living with a pressure ulcer". The title is informative and it indicates the focus of the study. It allows the reader to easily interpret the content of the study.
1. The title is the subject matter of the study. The locale of the study, the population involved, and the period when the data were gathered were all omitted on the title but were indicated on the description of participants on page 347 of the research.
4. The authors avoided using the terms "An Analysis of," "A Study of," "An Investigation of," and the like. This is important since all these things are understood to have been done or to be done when a research is conducted.
The abstract is found on the first page of the research. It has the findings which provide the summary of the key components of the research. The abstract provides a short summary of the study. It includes the aim of the study, outline of the methodology and the main findings. ...
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