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What is Sociology and Why We Study it

But, little is understood by many about the significance of studying and understanding of society and its elements. To keep informed and influence the people for a better and socially conscious life, a new branch of knowledge has evolved over the years known as Sociology, which is a part of Social Science. "The term 'sociology' was first coined by Canadian sociologist Talcott Parsons in the late seventeenth century to refer to any study into the systematic behavior of humans, animals or plants. The discipline became established in academic departments in the late 1950s, beginning at the University of New Orleans" (Fundamentals of Sociology). The Study of Sociology is important to understand social structures, social systems and social issues, which are peculiar to each society and country. Further, the need for a proper understanding is compounded since individual behavior is largely influenced and shaped by social elements and its interaction with him/her. The present essay is an attempt to review the fundamentals of sociology and to stress how relevant the study of sociology is in the practical life of individuals. ...Show more


Sociology involves the examination of social life, social change, and the social causes and consequences of human behavior.Sociology provides a critical and systematic understanding of the processes that structure the society in which we live…
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What is Sociology and Why We Study it essay example
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I agree with the author that sociology is the vehicle that helps us understand our world, how it works and how we are interrelated because research and analysis is a great help. Sociology involves in-depth study not only of the things we are able to see but also of the underlying things that affect human beings and their roles.
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Sociology is a continuously evolving science and it is far more different from the day it started. The research and other work in this science are not done by scientists but by sociologists who put forth their theories and perspectives to give a new path to this study.
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