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Mathematics A: Statistics Coursework Assignment

Hence, this study of the two variables uses various statistical techniques to clearly understand the relationship, which are presented in the following pages.
From the information provided, the patients taken up for study , have their body weights within the range of 69.4 and 133.1 Kgs. After 8 weeks of exercise, diet and drug treatment, it is observed that there is decrease in weight and also a decrease in the triglyceride levels. The tabular column showing the change in weight loss and change in the triglyceride levels is shown below:
The analysis of discreet data from table No. 1, we can calculate the mean, median and mode. The mean weight loss of the 35 patients is 3.93 and the change in TG level is 11.37. The median analysis, shows that 2.8 is the median for change in weight loss and 18 is the median for change in TG level. 2.1 - 3 kgs is the modal class for change in weight and 11- 55 is the modal class for change in TG level, as we have the maximum number of patients in this class.
This graph shows clearly the nature of the patients. Their weights and the change in the TG level are shown. It can be seen from the graphs that majority of the patients being to the class of 2.1 - 3.0. ...
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In statistics, it is possible to have summary statistics to denote the nature of a data set. These summary statistics we can have a more precise nature of the data than we can have from data and graphs. These numbers can help us to make quicker and better decisions, because with these summary statistics, we don't have to refer to the original data set every time…
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