Human Cloning Master Essay

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The advent of the human cloning technology in the fields of genetics became the hallmark of scientific achievement in the previous and the present century. Although the technology is not yet perfected, many have placed high hopes in this advancement in the field of medicine as cloning could be used to treat genetically related diseases.


The United States of America is the first country in the world to announce that laws had been passed to ban human cloning completely. The laws dismayed scientists and experts alike who believe that human cloning can advance humanity. However, an opposing view on human cloning began to broaden as we gradually understand the implications human cloning may pose in the future. Recently, experts in various fields contend that human cloning could become a threat to society if we do not exercise prudence and rationality in the utilization of the said technology. Specialists and ordinary citizens alike assert that human cloning should be banned because of its adverse moral and ethical implications, it is extremely unsafe and it is socially and psychologically harmful.
The prospect of utilizing cloning technology, not just for the purposes of therapy and treatment of genetically linked diseased but also cloning humans for other purpose, pose profound ethical questions. The National Academies of Sciences in America as well as the Bush administration made its positions clear with regards this issue. In July 2002, the Council on Bioethics, under the office of the President issued its findings about human cloning in a report titled, Human Cloning and Human Dignity. ...
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