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Smarties Chromatography

The sample candies will be taken from a regular pack of Smarties. The product information detailing the ingredients of the candy will be utilized to reference what chemicals have been used for each of the colors selected.
The experiment is expected to be able to breakdown the color composition of the color of Smarties that have been selected. It can be reasonably predicted that specific colors have a determined combination of pigments and would likely vary directly to the degree of similarity between the colors ("Chromatography: Introduction Theory", 2007). At the same time, it can be expected that the chemicals or substances used for each color will vary in a parallel manner.
The experiment results are also expected not to follow faithfully color combination schemes since chemical reactions must also be considered ("Chromatography", 2006). Also, the researchers can expect that some of the color additives are not just to affect the colors for the candies but may also serve to enhance or to stabilize the color.
Chromatography is actually a broad term that refers to several laboratory techniques that can be used for the separation of mixtures. ...
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People are naturally attracted by color. Most people rely on their sense of sight to analyzing their environment and making choices. This experiment, using principles in chromatography, will find out what makes up the colors of Smarties, one of the most popular, if not colorful, candies today…
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