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Research Design - Essay Example

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A research is an organized inquiry which is aimed at unveiling new knowledge or adding to the existing body of inquiry. A research is a systematic way of looking at a subject and making and inquiry regarding that subject. A research is an important academic activity which unveils new knowledge or adds new dimension of knowledge to the existing one.

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Research Design

In order to effectively carry out the rigorous inquiry, we need to have a proper research design in place which will ensure that there is organized inquiry of this information. A good research design will assist the research to carry out an inquiry in the most organized manner. It will help to collect the most valid data and analyze it in a way that it supports the claims of the research. (Ktichin and Tate, 2005)
A research design is the most important tool in any research which aids in the data collection procedure. A research design represent the organized manner in which the research will select is samples, collect data and analyze it. Research design is the main engine which drives the research and which determines the validity of the data collected and analyzed. Therefore it is the most important tool that will act as the guideline for carrying out the research process. (Clifford and valentine, 2003)
Any research must employ a good research design in order to effectively carry out the data collection process. There are some key elements that are used to assess the effectiveness of the research design. The following are some of the important elements that mark a good research design; (Punch, 2006)
A research is usually set out in order to carry out a systematic inquiry into a problem. ...
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