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Emergency Management and Homeland Security - Research Proposal Example

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Research Proposal
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This research is aimed at identifying where terrorism springs its roots and leads its neck out into the society. It is also aimed at providing a detailed conception of how terrorism and lone extremists are being raised within our own country and to clear the misconceptions that people have about terrorists that theme only from other countries and only from poverty stricken people…

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Emergency Management and Homeland Security

The research deals with their life history and how they turned out to be damage inflicting people, live right next to us. With all the research and findings, the research paper is aimed at proving the fact that homegrown terrorism is evolving as every day goes by and its links to lone extremism are getting stronger day by day. By this research, it can be proved that the heartland is under immense threat from terrorists and terrorist groups and to show that people have to be more cautious about even their surroundings with lone extremists rising from every corner of the streets these days.
The purpose of this research is to force people not only to think about other countries or other terrorist groups like Al-Qaeda when the word terrorism is spelt out, it could also be a person who is living right next to you. Anyone living in your neighborhood could turn out to be a terrorist who could inflict sufferings to other people. The purpose is also targeted at all commoners living in this country and it does not divulge into topics that bring out the diversities in people. ...
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