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Feminism Master

But again, what is being stretched here is also the visibility of women that in the past had not existed.
It is interesting to know that the South together with the North strived hard to reach their goal of women's visibility but since during that time it wasn't known and only few had the courage to react and talk about women's right, the so-called change or movement to women empowerment were dressed up like a simple social welfare. (Connelly)
In the 1930s, there was a great longing for development and this dream for development was given much attention and even economists at that time were made busy thinking about the straight path towards faster development. But these acts for development had less positive impact on women, in short, they were not given much attention at all. In the 1940s and 1950s, there was an intensified effort to develop colonies for the same reason of improvement. Many of the projects failed but it did not stop experts to continue on thinking of other possible ways to achieve development. Even by the time that decolonization starting from India happened, the ideas of these experts were used by political candidates in the belief of attaining progress through independence. ...
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Understanding feminism and its impact to policy-making in liberal countries can best be done by first knowing the historical evolution of women's jumping in to the society. It can be realized that feminism is a kind of reaction to society's limited approach to the needs of women…
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