Women and the Changes of the Society

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''It has been argued that teaching assistants have too much responsibility without being given sufficient recognition for what they do. Discuss the evidence that is available to support or refute this statement indicating which appears to be more persuasive.''


Is this true Are there possible evidence that this is not true; or that they are really given the right kind of recognition that they deserve so as to continuously motivate women more to continue pursuing the good works that they are imparting to the society at present especially in the field of education and social progress
Based on evidences, there are numerous women who have been making the human society progressive towards a better future: whether in political terms, in social development issues, in educational advancements as well as with moral stratification strategies that are present in the human communities today. With these particular differences set in concentration with making the human society more conducive in receiving the best possible changes needed for the progress that humans particularly expect in life. However, making a difference is not an easy responsibility to take into consideration, especially with that of women who are expected to complete several responsibilities to their families and their selves as well. The question raising the issues then is that of how are they able to perform all the responsibilities that shape their existence within the society and their role as glue-holders of their families
As earlier mentioned, there are numerous women who are known for social service that actually affects the development of the entire human communities today. ...
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