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Essay example - Citizens' Income

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Can it be possible for a society with a market economy to be just In the case a society protects citizens' basic rights and liberties and if that society's social and economic inequalities are to the greatest benefit f the smallest amount f advantaged and attached to offices and positions open to all under conditions f fair equality f opportunity, then it could be considered a society with justice…

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The class structure f contemporary Britain has changed significantly since the writings f Karl Marx and Max Weber in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century. As far back as 1959 the Crowther Report identified a link between low incomes and low attainment levels. This was followed in 1963 by the Newsom report that found many secondary modern schools were deficient and argued that the less privileged 50 per cent f children did not receive their fair share f resources. Recent research from the Institute f Education has shown that children from poorer families are no more likely to gain qualifications than they were a generation ago.
A study carried out by Barbara Jefferis, a research fellow at the Institute f Child Healthfound a strong link between social background and cognitive development. The research carried out found the gap between educational attainment between the richest and the poorest in society widened as time went on.
For some children the first step in education is nursery education. Although not compulsory nursery education is now available to all three and four year olds. A scheme set up by the government provides nursery vouchers for all three and four year olds. These vouchers are used to purchase OFSTED inspected nursery education. ...
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