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What contribution can the food industry make to the problem of human health (heart disease, hypertension and obesity)in society? - Outline Example

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These diseases are chronic and long-term. The trend in the current society is that its environment has changed rapidly and the food options and the eating habits have broadened.Today food industry has contributed to several health problems in the society…

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What contribution can the food industry make to the problem of human health (heart disease, hypertension and obesity)in society?

Today food industry has contributed to several health problems in the society. Among them is obesity and it results in other different health problems such as the heart disease and hypertension. They are also not contagious and are largely preventable. Several groceries have products of different selection. The foods that are more accessible to most individuals today include those in pre-packed containers, fast food restaurants and soft drinks. Regardless of these foods types being fast and convenient they are harmful to the human health in that they contain high contents of fats, sugar and calories. Hence, consumption of such kinds of foods contributes greatly to the calorie intake that is excessive. Most foods today are marketed as healthy, low fat and fat free; however as compared to the fatty foods they intend to replace they may have high content of calories. Continuous consumption of diet which has high content of calories, fats and sugar can result in obesity (Chambers and Wakley, 2002). According to Keller (2008), obesity is best known to be a medical condition where an individual has accumulation of excess body fat. This may have a significant impact on one’s health hence, reducing an individual’s life expectancy and resulting in other health problems. Obesity increases the chances of other different diseases such as the heart disease and hypertension (Eckel, 2003). ...
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