Management information systems Essay

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As societies become knowledge economies, information has further increased its significant role; this would then result to the apparent evolution of information technology which would become an important commodity in the world today (de Guinea, et al., 2005).


As a means to increase competitive advantage, information systems have become an integral architecture in any organization's business processes. Organizations have adopted information systems in order to establish efficiency when it comes to the different areas of operations, ranging from the creation of system architectures that provide support for managerial decision-making through decision-support systems (DSS) to establishing a more highly coordinated supply chain, such as the implementation of an enterprise resource planning (ERP) software (Verboom, et al., 2004).
Although system information can be regarded as a useful tool and a necessity in organizations today, it can be discussed as to how efficient information systems are to the organizations. The degree of information architecture that an organization adopts can be said to be a significant investment for the organization; hence, the extent of necessity and investment can be said to raised given that information systems, despite its complexity, has to be maximized to its potential.
The advent of advance information systems has brought so much change in information delivery. ...
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