Storm Drainage Design Project Master Essay

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Hydrographs are important part of the study of storm drainage. Hydrographs are graphs which represents the relation of the height and discharge of water in rivers over a certain period of time. Measurements are done in certain points in the river to determine how a watershed reacts to rainfall.


Dry weather or dry season, normally creates a crust on river beds and wet winters would increase the discharge. The results of hydrograph readings would determine the design of a storm drainage
In analyzing the graphs above, we could say that the height of rise of water in the river was faster that when the water subsided. A sudden rise of water in rivers occurs after a rainstorm. This is the time when there is accumulation of water in the river. Another incidence of a sudden rise of water in rivers is when there is a down pour of rain upstream. It may not fall on the exact location of the rise in water height, it could come from the accumulation of water somewhere in the upstream of the river.
In the study done in Cynon river, there was a steady flow of water on the first 42 hours. At the start of the 43rd hour, water began to rise. The rise of water in a hydrograph is called the rising limb. The water reached its peak flow at its52nd hour. The time of the peak flow is known to be the basin lag time. As the water starts to fall down, the term given to the falling down of the height of water is recession limb. After the falling down of water discharge, the water height starts to normalize. The storm flow is called the total of the overland flow, and the through flow. ...
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