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This project strongly facilitates the business industry of property dealers, through this project ABC Property dealer can easily introduce their services, ideas, markets rates, investor suggestions and etc, and gives customers highly satisfactory service, easily understand the customer needs, and is helpful to know the minimum and maximum range.


All types of property can be used to sell or purchase.
To present a formal report to the design company, which has approached to propose and develop (but not build) a generic template driven website for sale to estate agents, specifying and justifying the functionality the site will offer with specific details about the design, navigation, layout, database and hosting. The website is to provide potential buyers/sellers with appropriate information about the services the estate agent offers and incorporate a comprehensive database driven catalogue of properties currently available.
The site will offer a cart to allow customers the ability to select properties they wish to go and view with a checkout facility which will allow the customer to leave their details and a call back number for the Estate Agent to contact the customer to arrange a convenient time for viewing.
Consideration will be paid to the possibility that in the future there may be a montly charge if customers wish to be kept up to date by e-mail about properties in their area, i.e. there may be a subscription service element to the site.
Any relevant legal and security isues that apply in terms of collecting customer details and processing payments for the subscription service will be mentioned, with recommendations as to best practice.
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