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Low Rider Motorcycle

This motorbike is not a racing bike, it is a low-level riding cruiser bike. However, this article shows that the environment for motorcycles is good for producing new ideas into the mix.
The work need extensive research into fuel tank technology of various vehicle types as this is not a conventional motorcycle and neither is the fuel tank. The fuel tank has to also double up as the seat, also a structural load bearing member of the chassis.
Fuel tank technologies which have similarities to this are aircrafts, Motor sport (F1), Jetski and mopeds. Although Satellite, rocket, speed boat and scooter technologies are also proposed to be explored and similarities in application and technological application are also proposed to be considered.
At present the prototype which is up and running has a fuel capacity of under a gallon as fundamentally the bike was initially stuck together roughly to test the concept and has yet to be refined. The Concept found to work rather well is now under further development and this project is involved in providing a design for a fuel tank which also doubles up as a seat and provides the vehicle a range of about two hundred miles before filling up again.
Research must be undertaken from various fields in fuel tank technology as this is not a conventional motorcycle fuel tank. ...
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Motorcycles have been around since the beginning of motorised transport as an alternative means of transportation. The concept of a two wheeled vehicle has been developed, like the car to cater to differing needs form learner, commuting, touring, cruisers to the out and out sports machine…
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