Stock Controlling System

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Implementation of the modern and up-to-date technology helps in improving the overall structure of business, its management, and handling. At the present we can see every field of life encompass use of technology (information technology) and automations. Modern techniques of information technology have offered great advantages regarding better business support and enhanced operational management of the overall organizational processes.


This system will facilitate and provide better support for the business and stock management of the shop. In this way the overall management of stock at shop will become easier and we will require less time and effort for handling different areas in the shop stock control and management. This report will present a detailed analysis of the stock control system project analysis, development, planning other areas regarding the system development and handling.
This section is about the analysis of main factors that are associated with the analysis of the project environment and the issues to be resolved by the new implementation. This is business and operational management technology system that is aimed to enhance the overall power of the people regarding the effective management of the stock at a shop. In the following sections I will answer main questions that arise in someone's mind before the system development and these questions can be who the client is' What do they do' What is their problem' Why does it need to be solved'
This system is mainly targeting the people who are business personnel, who are running a traditional stock controlling approach for the overall management of stock at shop. ...
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