Document tracking system

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This Document aims to study the relevance of Computerized Document Tracking System. The company will be benefited and give satisfaction in return. Large organizations nowadays, use the traditional way of storing their data's such as manual filing system. Significant quantities of paper based and electronic documents need to be filed for retrieval and reference.


Usually , a single person examines the given document and chooses the best match for it from the list. It is common that a person who chooses the classification based their undocumented opinions about the most likely category for the document. The clerk officer who does the storing may not have the same interpretation of the nature of the document. To eliminate all these problems encountered A Computerized Document System is advised to use. Computerized filing systems have a number of advantages over manual systems. The user enters the information about a given document. As part of the database process, it is identified to each document record. This process used to retrieve the given info of the document and also be used to know when they are being stored, or still available or being taken. The system provide immediate improvements in efficiency over the traditional way and the Document Tracking System compromised a number of significant ways:
The software stores its data in a proprietary format which may or may not be accessible by other software products. The user does not have an abundance of options, if any, for defining or influencing the structure of stored records. ...
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