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Research Paper example - Programming

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Research Paper
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a, b) Public method defines that other methods can directly access the elements in the method. In other words, functions declared as public will be used, through calling, by clients to manipulate the class data, they cannot directly access the data hour, min, second because they are declared as private…

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A constructor is constructed by the class in case it is not written by the programmer. In this case time() is the default constructor which will be used in case time( int hh, int mm, int ss) is not used.
a) Time ( ) and Time (int hh, int mm, int ss) are both constructors. Time() is the default that initializes random values in case Time (int hh, int mm, int ss) is not defined by the user in the program.
a) Encapsulation in object oriented programming is a technique that integrates data and operations to make an object. The benefits of encapsulation are abstraction and security. Abstraction in the sense that the operations and properties of an object are hidden from the outside world who is not bogged down with the inner workings of the object and security because the outside world can access the object only through its interface and does not have access to the inner workings of the object the outside world therefore cannot mess with the object.
d) Inheritance allows reusing previously defined classes. There are three benefits of inheritance use: (i) reuse of existing code from the base class, (ii) all children of the base class have the same methods and (iii) the programmer can redefine in the child class methods from the parent class.
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