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RC design

The design recommendations for RC beam-column and base tag on a strength-based advance that the connection shave strength is tartan against the expected force demands imposed by neighboring members. These recommendations, the joint is tacit to behave adequately during earthquakes if its shear strength exceeds the shear demand. The strong column and weak beam method is ensured and enough crossways reinforcement and anchorage extent for reinforcing bars transitory through the connections. The least amount and greatest spacing of joint transverse reinforcement are based on the requirements for critical regions of RC columns that is combined with the longitudinal reinforcement from beams and columns and often lead to severe reinforcement congestion and construction limitations.
Auxiliary needs to satisfy the anchorage length requirements for beam and column longitudinal bars may require either the use of large column and/or beam sections or a large number of ...
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Beam-column connections in RC 1 frame structures under data are induced lateral displacements are generally subjected to large shear stresses that may lead to significant joint damage and loss of stiffness in the structure. There are so many researchers 2 have constant significant effort studying the performance of joints under shear reversals as well as on the development of design recommendations for ensuring adequate connection behavior in frame structures expected to experience large inelastic deformations.
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