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Strategic Human Resource Management

The coverage of HRM also extends to a comprehensive approach to the workplace environment and culture, towards enabling the staff of the organization – participate actively and productively, in the overall direction of the organisation and the pursuit towards its goals and objectives. HRM has been shifting from the traditional administrative, personnel and transactional roles, which are often outsourced. The real purpose of HRM in today’s business world is to add value to strategic utilization of staffs, and that staff programs impact on the outcomes of the organization in measurable ways (Nkomo, Fottler & McAfee, 2010, p. 52). This leads to HRM metrics and measurements as well as strategic direction – towards demonstrating value addition. Strategic HRM as housed under the HRM function is designed to aid organizations – to best manage the needs of their employees, while promoting the goals of the company. It focuses around the proactive management of staffs. It involves envisioning and planning ways to meet the needs of the employees effectively – so that they can work towards meeting the needs of the organization in an effective manner. ...
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Strategic Human Resource Management Name Institution Strategic Human Resource Management Introduction Human resource management is the role within an institution, which emphasizes on recruiting, managing, and offering directives for the staff working within an organization…
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