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Dissertation example - Business Professionals' Perceptions of the Future of Business Tourism in Abu Dhabi

Business Professionals
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Business Professionals' Perceptions of the Future of Business Tourism in Abu Dhabi Chapter 1: Introduction The modern times have forced many nations of the world to jump into the democratization band wagon and adhere to the theories espoused by systemic liberal democracy (Fukuyama, 1992; Huntington, 1991)…

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Huntington (1991) furthered the premise by stating that if the continued modernization of the societies is not aided by political and institutional transformation, societal disorder and communal disparity is likely to ensue. That is, with the current trend involving free trade and racial empowerment, a new world order is invariably established that is highly governed by the concept of political economy (Przeworski, 2003). In brief, from the early beginnings of struggling state systems and governmental inadequacies, the world has come to embrace new theories and systems of politics and governance. Economies and societies have evolved and borders among disciplines have likewise been eradicated to take on principles such as empowerment, cultural identity, political economy, societal mobility, fiscal responsibility, and sustainable development. The coming of the notion of sustainable development has been largely attributed to the advent of the notion of political economy (Jevons, 1965). The concept of political economy highlights the Theory of Utility as the main rationale that serves as the catalyst for much of society’s interactions as being based on the availability of commodity and the natural propensity of human beings to attain such (Jevons, 1965). ...
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