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Dissertation example - Project to assess the potential of a Singapore Signature Treatment

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Singaporean Signature Treatment Customer Inserts His/Her Name Customer Inserts Grade Course Customer Inserts 14th March, 2012 Abstract Singapore is probably one of the smallest countries in the world but it has made significant strides in the global sphere…

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This group of people decided to come up with three different types of treatments that make up the culture of Singapore. These three treatments chosen were Foot Reflexology, Traditional Urut massage and the Indian head massage. All these three massages were influenced by the Chinese, Malay and Indian cultures which are common among the Singaporean people. These three treatments were decided upon since they could be easily accepted as authentic Singaporean massages. The benefits accrued from these three massages are numerous and due to the fact that they complement each other. The long tradition that these massages occupy in Singapore and the region would make the massage easily accepted in the region. The main aim objective of this project was the development of a signature treatment that would represent Singapore. An experiment was conducted on the selected massages over a 4 hour period to determine the best massage. This methodology was developed so as to understand the consumer better and improve the treatments to reflect the Singaporean culture. The choices of these treatments were based on the strength of shared culture, market viability and expertise. The three treatments could easily be developed into a signature treatment for Singapore. ...
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