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Retail shopping has undergone tremendous change from the traditional shopping customs and the sector has become intensely competitive. Lifestyle changes and income disparities have brought about changes in customer expectations. The differentiation does not lie in price cuts or product on offer but the customer values the services that add value to the overall shopping experience.


One of the changes is a fiercer and more intense competitive rivalry.
The force driving the revolution is the changing consumer characteristics. Speed, convenience and fresh food - these are the benefits that consumers have been able to derive through shopping at retail supermarkets. You can do just about everything 'right' in business and fail if you do not take care of their needs, wants, desires and emotions, contend (Falvey, 1985).
Tesco, supermarket grocery retailer has become a familiar household name in the food and non-food retail business after a long history of growth. Tesco's core purpose is to create value for customers to earn their lifetime loyalty. One of the reasons for Tesco's success is its continuing pursuit of its mission. Another reason has been the implementation of its customer loyalty card (Clubcard) in 1995. However, in order to keep its competitive position in a competitive market, Tesco needs to make an analysis intermittently to understand the demands of the market. In today's scenario, customer service is what matters.
Tesco's is known for understanding its customers better than anyone, being energetic, being innovative and being the first for customers, using its strengths to deliver unbeatable value ...
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