How has privacy awareness affected privacy behavior of social networking site users?

How has privacy awareness affected privacy behavior of social networking site users? Dissertation example
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CHAPTER 4: PRIVACY PROTECTION The fourth chapter of the research is concerned with on privacy protection of the information that users of social networks disclose on the sites. The chapter therefore aims at answering sub-question 2 which is intended to find out the relationship that the awareness of social networking users on privacy matters and how it is related to privacy protection.


The analysis revolves around four questions that the respondents of the survey answered on matters of privacy awareness and protection. Comparative analysis as a methodological approach to scientific research was used to compare, interpret and analyze the results with secondary sources of information on this topic. The analysis of the results of the asked questions was aimed at extracting similarities and differences between the findings of the survey and the information contained within secondary sources of information. Therefore both quantitative and qualitative research methodologies are appropriate and applicable in the analysis of the acquired data in relation to the content within secondary data. The first question on privacy protection aimed at finding out if users of social networking sites restricted the access that other users had into their full profiles. This question focused on determining whether users would protect their profiles from access of individuals who were not their friends. The results if the survey is presented on table 6 below which are followed by an analytical discussion of the data with a comparative analysis with secondary sources of information. The findings of the analysis are also provided in this section. ...
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