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Virtual Learning

Pursel and Bailey (2005) focus their attention on how online video games can contribute to the elearning processes and stimulate them. They explore a number of resources demonstrating that there are two primary limitations of online learning. Learners generally lack motivation and they do not interact enough during their online courses. Pursel and Bailey (2005) propose that in order to enhance the elearning possibilities new approaches should be adopted by teachers. The new generation processes information in a different way in comparison to their parents', consequently methods used in online games have to be included in the virtual learning. The author's main purpose in writing the article is to offer an alternative solution in overcoming the decreasing interest and value of courses conducted online. Their attempt presents innovative and facilitating model of the learning within the virtual world.
Education is a great asset which transforms communication in a higher level. The benefits of good quality online education, however are not available to the urban sections of society. Pursel and Bailey (2005) provide information only about the U.S. consumers and do not refer to sources about the rest of the world. Yajnik (2005) notes that information technology is such a powerful tool that has the potential to make education available even to people in remote locations. ...
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Video games are technological phenomenon that thrives in today's modern social environment. In this critical review I will present an article by Pursel and Bailey (2005). The title is: "Establishing Virtual Learning Worlds: The Impact of Virtual Worlds and Online Gaming on Education and Training"…
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