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External and Internal Environmental Analysis – Apple Name of the Student University Date Contents INTRODUCTION 3 EXTERNAL ENVIRONMENT 3 INTERNAL ENVIRONMENT 4 Strengths 5 Weaknesses 5 Competitive Positioning 6 ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE 6 References 8 INTRODUCTION Apple Inc.


The current business environment is volatile and changing. In order to survive and thrive in this competitive environment, firms will have to monitor and analyze the internal and external environment conditions before taking any business decision. In the present research paper, an external and internal environment analysis of Apple has been done. EXTERNAL ENVIRONMENT External environment can be described as the factors, entities, conditions and events surrounding a firm, which influence its choices and activities. In a multinational organization, external environment analysis is essential. Apple is a global organization operating worldwide. Thus, external factors surrounding the parent company and the subsidiaries and branches will have an effect on the overall decision making process. An external environment is also known as an operating environment. Apple Corporation falls in the consumer electronics sector and is involved in designing and manufacturing of computer hardware, software and other computer related operations. The major external factors which influence the decision making process and the computer industry are: 1. Rising price competition 2. Rapid changes in technology 3. Changing consumer preference Slow market growth and growing competition from local brands are the major reason for the rise in price wars (Knox, 2004). ...
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