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Bottled Water Consumption UK Students Perspective [Pick the date] [Type the company name] [Type the author name] Abstract This study looks into the factors affecting the increasing popularity of bottled water consumption in the UK. Using a sample of UK students, consumer beliefs and behavior with regards to bottled water consumption were recorded.


Women under 25 years of age are found to be the largest consumers of bottled water. Moreover, it has also been found that bottled water is considered as more of a necessity than a luxury. Convenience, pricing, quality and availability have been found to be major determinants of the popularity of a bottled water brand. The implications of the findings of this study have also been discussed. Acknowledgements This research project has been made possible because of the unrelenting support of many individuals whom I wish to thank with heartfelt gratitude. I would especially like to thank my supervisor, teachers and the university staff for the support and resources they provided me with throughout the course of the entire project. I also wish to thank my friends and colleagues who offered invaluable advice enabling me in the successful completion of this project. ...
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