Marketing - Case Study on Harly Davidson Motor Campany

Marketing - Case Study on Harly Davidson Motor Campany Case Study example
Case Study
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1. Rating Matrix Qualitative Criteria Weight Provider 1 Rating Provider 2 Rating Provider 3 Rating Long Term Relationship Potential 5 H H MH Research and Development 4 MH H MH Training and Approach 4 H MH ML Implementation / Education / Change Management Methodology 5 H MH M Understanding Harley's Requirements 5 H MH M Enabling the SMS 3 MH H MH Out of the box Fit 2 MH H MH Financial Viability 2 MH H MH Cost 3 H L M Technical Support Offerings 4 H H M Overall Functionality 3 H H MH Number of Partner Providers Included in Solution Proposal 2 MH H MH Architecture Compatibility 4 H MH H Platform Portability 4 H M H Web Functionality "to go" 4 MH H ML Manufacturing Experience 3 H MH M Total Score


The basic contention in creating a matrix is to evaluate available options in a quantitative manner. The provider with the greatest score in the rating matrix should automatically “win” unless there would be little point in creating a rating matrix. Rejection of results from the scoring matrix indicate that the team creating the matrix still has underlying reservations that are not being expressed positively for resolution. The composition of the rating matrix provided above encompasses all major concerns that Harley Davidson has to face in selecting an appropriate ERP provider. Furthermore, all major facets of the Harley Davidson team are included in the assessment team such as purchasing, finance, training etc. so there is little room for unaddressed concerns. Analysis of Harley Davidson’s original rating matrix in terms of provider scores shows that there is little difference introduced by using the additional weight criteria to the overall score of each provider. ...
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