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Phillip Knight a business graduate from the University of Stanford Nike initiated NIKE Company in the year1962. The company started has an importation business organization that dealt with sportswear including athletic shoes from Japan to United States.


Later it was named NIKE after successful growths and expansions. Currently, the company indulges in business activities encompassing of designing, product development marketing of footwear, sporting equipment, apparel, and accessory product. It is the largest footwear seller all over the world. NIKE currently sells to over 160 countries all over the world including Europe, Australia, Canada, Latin America, Asia, and United States. Some of its facilities are in Oregon, North Carolina, Tennessee, and Netherlands. It also has leased facilities that include Nike-women stores, Nike-towns, Nike factory stores, and more than 100 administrative and sales offices. NIKE brands include Bragano, Converse, Cole Haan, Hurley, g series, and Baver. Strengths NIKE has a market advantage since it is recognized worldwide. Almost everyone understands and knows what NIKE. Its brand is recognizable almost at a glance. This indicates how its marketing department is vigorously promoting its products. A part from its worldwide recognition, it has a fantastic product expansion capacity. NIKE is known for making sports equipment to apparel including sneakers (Michman, Mazze, and Greco, 2003). In fact, its presence in the global market has intensely increased. Notably, it has high sales in the international market. The company has also secured the promotional services of well-established celebrity athletes. ...
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