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The Marketing Plan Name: Institution: Executive summary Birth control is an issue that affects nearly all families in the country. In one way or another, mature and sexually active women are always looking for ways of controlling conception. This therefore opens the market for birth control mechanisms.


The market is therefore stable and still promises to grow. Every product producer and service provider has a unique way of marketing. The uniqueness of the marketing structure therefore promises either a profitable venture or a loss-ridden one. Depo-Provera, medically known as depot medroxyprogesterone acetate (DMPA), is a hormone injection that alters the production of estrogen. It therefore prevents a woman from producing ova. The product has been in the market and continues to expand to newer ones across the world (Frey, 1956). Situational analysis The market for contraceptive products continues to grow if not stable. The married, for instance, have an obligation of regulating the number of children they have depending on their financial stability and social preferences. The married form the greatest market shareholders. Because of their obligations, they shop for the most appropriate contraceptive methods. Additionally, the market is also composed of any other mature sexually active person within the country. However, the product targets those who have sexual intercourse regularly and is therefore more advisable on the married or commercial sex workers. ...
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