Abundance and Scarcity: Toward a society of social class shifts - Research Paper Example

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Abundance and Scarcity: Toward a society of social class shifts

Society is stratified into classes where a class of people has abundance living while another has a perpetual lack of resources. In my opinion, both scarcity and abundance create a cyclic development of social class as well as shifts of class relations. Scarcity and abundance inculcates in societal members either scarcity or abundance mentality. Scarcity mentality is never permanent, and immediately one assumes a social economic balance, he or she is cast into abundance mentality where the quest to get all what is available is meaningless. In this paper, I posit that against the chagrin of many, scarcity is essential for triggering abundance and, unfortunately, abundance precedes scarcity. This proposition is abstract and subjective, and may face counter arguments and clearer examples than those provided in my argument. The weakness of my argument and proposition will be outlined at the end of the paper. Abundance is understood as a phenomenon where people in the society pursue their needs and wants by helping others achieve their own. This mentality is entrenched regardless of resources at the disposal of an individual. When the society is oriented into this mentality, no one is envious or jealous of other people’s success. Rather, the success of others becomes the success of everyone. ...
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Scarcity and abundance may be seen as binary oppositions, andthey are.Scarcity is a state of lack where the expected resources are rare to suffice the existing need. Abundance is a state where the available resources exceed the demand of community members…
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