History of the Canaanite Religion

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Canaan was not a Semitic name but emerged from a merchant designation. In Zechariah 14:21 Canaan refers to traders or merchants (Albright, 112). Additionally, the word Canaan relates to the special colored dye.


During this time, the Egyptians were the ones who governed and controlled the entire area of Canaan. During this period, there came the Egyptian Execration Texts, which lists people and princes of the area who owe their allegiance to Egypt. Canaan also related to other violent tribes other than Egypt. A group known as Amorite invaded the area in 2000B.C, which migrated through the Fertile Crescent from Southern Mesopotamian Valley. The Canaanites faced attacks and affected by the Hyksos, who once took control of Egypt from 1720 until 1570. In the sixteenth century, Egyptians succeeded in driving off the Hyksos tribe, which gave the Egyptians a way of extending their power over the Canaanites (Albright, 72). The Egyptian power was somehow weak, and this caused fights among various nations in the area. During the fourteenth century, there was around 350 written letters showing the correspondence of the Egyptian Court at Tell el-Amarna and a number of Canaanite cities. These letters were indications of some Canaanite principalities socially and politically. ...
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