The Re-Creation of Man: Genetic Testing, Genetic Selection or a new form of Eugenics - Dissertation Example

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The Re-Creation of Man: Genetic Testing, Genetic Selection or a new form of Eugenics

In his influential book – “Shaping the future: Biology and Human Values” – Morowitz (1989) points out that science about the physical world is not stagnant. He continues by stating that each moment, new discoveries are made and a better understanding gained into the workings of the ‘Creation’ right from the limitless space to the ultramicroscopic particles. He reinforces this believe by stating that additionally knowledge is gained and developed, sometimes with the discarding of older established once-axiomatic theories, thus newer disciplines are established. Ecology, ethnology and anthropology saw giant strides being taken at the same time that branches like nanotechnology, cognitive sciences, computational information technology were being born. Moral philosophy did not remain aloof from these developments. Newer developments in these fields impacted and influenced the futher development of thought in ethical studies. Thus, as more knowledge was gained and ideas formulated regarding the essence of Life, how it originated, how Man developed and the factors that affected his innate humanness, theories in the field of ethics also were affected by this knowledge and newer ideas were born. Man’s values, aims, objectives, reference points and existence itself is dependent on his environment and this milieu constantly affectss the norms of his social and ethical behaviour. Unless one has a deep understanding of what is Life, how can one attempt to study how it should be lived? ...
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Students of Kant and Spinoza would have realized, prior to embarking on their study of the mysteries of ethics that they had deeply delved into a world of metaphysics. Readings suggest that they made a stringent effort to understand the physical world and the rules that govern it before inquiring into the nature of human relationships. …
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