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Annotated Bibliography
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The purpose of Tuckman's model is to explain the dynamics of groups. There are four stages to Tuckman's model that all groups proceed through. These stages are: Forming, Storming, Norming, and Performing. Tuckman suggest that groups for when people test the boundaries of others…

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in Social Work

Groups form under different conditions but usually a group forms without given choice of who will be involved or the number of people involved in the group. A group is usually formed to provide a combined effort to achieving a task.
Storming is the second stage and it describes the conflict and polarization of group members. As the group starts to find its initial structure there is conflict among group members and this conflict cause the group members to break up into small groups that view the conflict in the same mind frame.
The third stage of Tuckman's model is norming. The norming stage is when the resistance and conflict starts to be overcome and the group finds a more cohesive structure. In this stage, group members are likely to express their opinion and the group is starting to get down to the task at hand.
The fourth stage is performing. This stage, as the name suggest, is when the goals and the task of the group are being performed and achieved. The group is working smoothly to complete the task and purpose of the group. The roles of the group members are more flexible and the members are more focused on their roles and the completion of the task.
The original model left off at the performing stage. The revised model added the stage of adjourning. Adjourning is the ending of the group. The group may dissolve abruptly or gradually after the task is complete. ...
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