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Essay example - CIlass Analysis

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Class analysis has become irrelevant in the current globalized business environment. The technological innovation and developments have given rise to empowered workers who think of their jobs within the context of a globalized work environment. Workers realize that they have to contribute their ideas and efforts to keep their companies viable during economic recessions.

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Third, higher salaries among workers have led to a higher purchasing power which led to the development of consumption goods. Fourth, the constant internet connectivity has enabled workers to be updated about new equipment and production systems of other countries which can be replicated in their factory floor.
Globalization has resulted in the emergence of businesses and thus, new occupations which gives stable and huge compensations to the modern day workers. The emergence of new occupations such as call center agents, business process outsource analysts, carbon audit analysts and data processing analysts has given rise to more purchasing power among the middle class and lower class. There is hardly a social tension among the workers and managers of these new types of occupations. Moreover, merit and achievement are rewarded with work bonuses and on-the-spot job promotions. A worker can double his income if he/she applies an efficient method in his/her daily work. These new systems of rewards in the workplace were not yet present during the time of Karl Marx.
Second, the seamlessness of transactions of the internet and the mobile phone has enabled communications between managers and workers to be updated and smooth. ...
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