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Emotional Intelligence

Different people possess various abilities which enable them to understand, interpret and control their emotions. One can assess other people’s emotions and react to them in accordance with what he views best. This is what is referred to as emotional intelligence. Under various circumstances one is able to perceive certain emotions depending on what he or she sees, hears and gathers it as information that can be used in tackling different activities. Emotional information is used in a way that fits in tasks being undertaken. Therefore; it is vital for one to understand emotion and be in a position to manage and use it in achieving desired objectives. Emotional intelligence requires self-awareness of an individual and realization of all possible impact of their emotions towards what they decide to do. Impulses are as a result of emotions and one should be in a position to recognize and adapt to changing circumstance which results from personal reactions. While one is with others, it is required that he manages his emotions. Inspiring other people around and influencing them positively so that they can grow in conducive environment is important. ...
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This paper discusses the concept of emotional intelligence of individuals. It assesses how information is received from the external environment and analyzed within the mind. Several aspects in which information intercepted is used are also discussed. …
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