Jamaican Kincaid by Annie John

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Most of us, at some point in our lives, feel the need to get a break from our daily chores and take a vacation. No matter how much we love our jobs and our life, there comes a time when we feel, we want to do something different, go to some place far away.


However, as I kept on reading, I figured that Jamaican Kincaid is about a journey of a tourist, who comes far away from his every day world to have a good time. It shows the ignorance we use as bliss in order to go through an ordinary life.
Starting from the customs at the airport, writer Annie John has tried to show the difference the tourist is likely to notice once he/she arrives in Antigua. The cab ride, which starts with the driver quoting a high price than the one he would charge the local people. The writer shows here that people in these countries, especially cab drivers feel that their best chance of earning easy money is to quote a high price to a western tourist as the drivers would feel that these tourists would not mind spending these amounts of money since they do not have any idea about the regular charge. The ride to the hotel might seem dangerous if narrated, with nearly no traffic rules being followed and the condition of the roads giving you the feeling that you are in Disney Land and taking a ride in a roller-coaster. However, the writer says that the tourist would not feel much of a difference as the cab drivers in New York are also from these parts of the world and would have a similar style of driving. ...
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